OEM parts

When producing any piece or ensemble, is essential to have the proper plans. In many cases the clients don’t have such drawings, whether it is because the project is new and they only have a prototype, or because these are OEM parts that have been manufacturing locally for years and the plans have been lost or have got outdated. The fulfilment of machining in China and casting in China is a varied process, as we could see in this section.


Why producing OEM parts in China?


In Connect we have our own technical office in China capable of creating the necessary OEM parts, with both in 2D (Autocad) and 3D (SolidWorks). Once the production plans are ready we require the confirmation of these by the client to avoid any problem or misunderstanding. In this way Connect accomplishes to produce pieces according to plans in China with the highest quality guarantee and the most economic costs, including OEM parts.