In Connect we follow a process that helps us understand the needs of our customers in order to offer the best of the solutions. Our main services in this area are:


Casting in China

Machining in China

OEM parts

Casting parts in China

Machining parts in China



Once we get the drawings, samples, item numbers… our branches of China and Taiwan are able to make a detailed quotation. This is considered the first step of our production process of casting in China and machining in China.


Once we get the order, if the goods are suitable to do so, we produce the first samples which are sent to the customer for their approval. If we are talking about commercial products, for instance OEM parts, we look for the best manufacturers and in the same way samples are always sent to the client.


Once the samples are accepted, we start with the production, always closely followed by our engineers. All the processes (casting, machining and OEM) must be minutely supervised and approved by our experts.


the Quality Control Plan is prepared during the production, which is applied during and after the production. The final approved document is essential to proceed with the shipment of the goods about casting parts in China and machining parts in China.


We deal with everything involved (sea or air shipment, custom clearance, transportation by truck….) until the delivery in any location previously stated by the customer.


Whether the import is made from China or Taiwan, Connect follows up constantly the orders until the confirmation of a successful delivery is achieved, in order to offer a constant support to our customers and the best service is secured.