From years ago Connect offers a high quality service in areas such as casting in China and machining in China of any kind of product, even if its tailor-made or prefabricated. We also import products from China and Taiwan, and are manufacturers of different kind of parts and assemblies. Our target customers are companies looking for close and personalized service.

Thus, we are also specialized in the purchase, quality control and import of different types of OEM parts or commercial goods.


Our team, with valued experience in the Asian market, is focusing on our main services are:

-Casting in China

Machining in China

-OEM parts

Casting parts in China

-Machining parts in China


Our experts in casting, forging and machining, and in OEM parts are located in Spain, Taiwan and China, helping us to deal with each project very accurately. The services of casting in China and machining in China are the main important one in Connect.


Thanks to the improvements in timing and expenses and due to a close relationship with our customers, we can guarantee the high quality of our products and the best efficiency in each project.

Quality control & Import