With more than 10 years of experience in casting in China, Connect features an entire gamut of manufacturers that collaborate in the process of producing casting parts in China. The processes in which we work with expert collaborators are:

Sand casting

Lost wax casting

Precision Casting

Aluminum and bronze casting


With high competitive prices, the process of casting in China that Connect offers is up to the European one, regarding quality and preciseness. As a result, the lost wax casting parts in China by Connect is the clearest example of the perfect balance of quality and low costs: since these are quite manual processes, its production in Europe is currently too expensive.


In this way, the casting in China performed by Connect enables to produce small pieces of high precision with very competitive prices.



Casting in China: Parts

Connect has a large experience in manufacturing pieces of different materials:

Cast iron

Carbon Steel

304 and 306 Stainless